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We are very excited to announce our pet days for this summer!

June 4th

June 25th

July 16th

July 30th

August 13th

*Pets should be on a leash while around other customers and pets*

*A pet PFD is required, Trapper Johns does not supply Pet PFD's*

*Pets should be friendly with humans and other pets*

*Pet owner/customers assume all risk with taking a pet in a canoe or kayak on a moving river*

*Service animals are required to wear a service jacket and PFD*

*Pets should not run the river bank and should be under owner control at all times*

*The Sampler trip will be the only trip available for Pet day*

*Trapper Johns may request that your vehicle is at the pick up point to avoid shuttling pets with other customers*

*Clean up after your pet*

The reason we don't allow pets on a daily basis is because not everyone practices proper etiquette, don't be the reminder of this!

Call for details regarding events and stay tuned for scheduled dates. 

All events are water and weather condition permitting.

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