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Trapper's Rules & Helpful Hints

We are privileged to operate on the State and National Scenic Big Darby Creek,

one of Ohio's last great places.

In order to continue to preserve this pristine environment, we must do our part to limit our impact on the Darby and its surroundings. We also want to keep our trips family friendly, responsible, and liability free so everyone can have a great time. We do this by limiting what is allowed into the trip, and always leaving the creek cleaner than we found it. Enjoy!



  • All renters must have a valid ID and will be required to leave it as a deposit.

  • NO PETS.

    • Check our EVENTS page for Pet Day opportunities.

  • No one under the age of 6 years allowed.

  • Must be 18 or have a parent's signature on a release form.

    • Must provide valid phone number for phone verification.

  • No heavy coolers.

  • Small individual lunchbox style coolers with a few cold drinks and snacks.

  • We cannot recommend picnicking on the river banks which is not our property.

    • We do have a picnic area free for use.

  • Glass containers and styrofoam coolers are prohibited.

  • No Tubes.

  • Everyone off the river by 6:00pm

    • Late fees will apply


  • Leave valuables at home

  • Use straps on glasses (available at the canoe livery)

  • Must wear shoes, strap-on sandals are recommended

  • Be prepared to get your feet wet

  • No bare feet

  • Bring a change of clothes, especially in cool weather

  • Bring insect repellent and/or sun screen (available at the canoe livery)

  • Bring a drink

  • Wear your life jackets, they cannot help you if they are not on you

  • Most frequently lost items on Darby Creek

    • Flip Flops

    • Cell Phones

  • Be advised!

  • Weight limit on a kayak is 265lbs.  Combined weight limit in a canoe is 500lbs.

All renters must have a valid ID and will be required to leave it as a deposit.


The Dimensions Of This Box Are 15" By 10.5"

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